Song – When the voice and music get together and the result touches the soul


Kimmy Skota brings the audience to tears with Ave Maria

Andre Rieu and Kimmy Skota

Kimmy Skota Brings the audience to tears with Ave Maria

When the sounds and harmonies come together in a Oneness,  the nakedness of truth is exposed



One Voice The Wailin Jennies

Together Kululam

Koolulam When 10,000 Jews sing together

See Koolulam Page When A Huge Body of people Sing Together The Whole is bigger than the Parts


One Voice The Wailin Jennies


Unknown Artist  -on the X factor  Just beautiful combo of animal sounds and human voice

Scott James Autistic X factor

Jade Richards X factor  Never Mind I find Someone Like you

Daniel Best First Audition X factor

Somewhere over the Rainbow Israel “IZ” Kamakawiwo’ole

Power of 2000 Separate Voices

Virtual Choir Eric Whitacre


Keren Peles Sings with other Other Women Across the World during COVID 19   Units to Unity at Its Best

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